Introducing Stone Collection Sugar Effect

Unleash your creativity with Stone Collection Sugar Effect by GIUP®. This unique nail product allows you to create stunning nail art designs that leave a tactile sensation of sand to the touch and a captivating look.

Key Features:

Stone / Sugar Effect: The Stone Collection Sugar Effect creates a textured finish on your nails, resembling the feeling of sand. This tactile sensation adds depth and interest to your nail art designs, making them truly stand out.

Versatile Application: Use Stone Collection Sugar Effect to create a variety of nail art designs, from subtle accents to bold statement pieces. Its versatility allows for endless creativity and experimentation.

Captivating Look: Enhance your nail art with the captivating look of Stone Collection Sugar Effect. Whether you’re creating intricate patterns or simple textures, this product adds dimension and visual interest to your nails.

Cruelty-Free and Certified: Rest assured, all our products are cruelty-free and approved by Leaping Bunny International. We’re committed to ethical beauty practices and animal welfare.

Experience Unique Nail Art:

Let your creativity run wild as you explore the possibilities of texture and design, all while supporting ethical beauty practices.

Application of Stone Collection Sugar Effect

Create Stunning Stone Nail Art Designs:

Achieve unique and captivating nail art with Stone Collection by GIUP®. Follow these simple steps for an exquisite stone-inspired manicure:

Step 1: Apply Superbond

Begin by applying a layer of Superbond to the prepared nail surface. Allow it to dry naturally.

Step 2: Apply Base Coat

Next, apply a thin layer of Base Coat and cure for 2 minutes in a 36W UV lamp or for 60 seconds in a 48W LED lamp.

Step 3: Apply Stone Layer

Apply the Stone layer thinly and evenly over the nail surface. Cure for 2 minutes in a 36W UV lamp or for 60 seconds in a 48W LED lamp.

Step 4: Apply Second Stone Layer (Optional Glitter)

If desired, apply a second thin layer of Stone. Before curing the second layer, add glitter for a sparkling finish. Polymerize the glitter finish and then remove any excess glitter with a brush or brush.

Extra tips:

  • No Top Coat Application Required! Stone Collection provides a durable and stunning finish on its own, eliminating the need for additional top coat application.
  • Embrace the beauty of stone-inspired nail art with Stone Collection by GIUP®. Let your creativity shine with this effortless and captivating nail art technique.